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Market Pay Benchmarking

Today, a huge amount of Market pay data is available, providing individual pay information which is usually presented by industry, geography and company size.

Don’t be afraid of the market – learn how to position your organisation in the best place, for your employees and for your stakeholders.

Published surveys are cheap. They provide data based on brief job capsule descriptions and getting accurate matches can be troublesome. That’s why we use techniques such as market composites and weighted data to try and customise the data to our exact needs, from multiple sources, so that we can give you clear, objective advice on the market pay positioning that offers best value for you.

Sometimes, this simply will not provide information which is reliable, accurate or up to date, or all three. At times like these, when you really do need to know what a job, department or whole function should be paid to be competitive, only a bespoke survey will do.

We will act as an authoritative but anonymous facilitator, creating a database of the right companies against whom you wish to benchmark your salaries. We will secure their confidence and cooperation and will provide all of the analysis needed to give you the accurate data you can act on with confidence.
Whether you need information on just one critical position, a whole functional area or a country new to you, we can provide you with the accurate information you need to stay competitive and build the right pay policies.

About the Reward Practice

Each of our team members has over 20 years’ experience as Senior Rewards Professionals, serving demanding international clients. Our business continues to thrive because we like to work directly and personally with our customers, rather than through a complex and expensive delivery structure: there are no junior consultants learning at your expense – what you see is who you get. Our fees are remarkably competitive.

We are based in 5 international locations – US, UK, Switzerland, Ireland and Luxembourg.

Effective Reward Strategies have many components: only one is consistently present to achieve success – a bespoke approach which results from listening to your needs, your competitive situation and your workforce challenges. Off-the-shelf solutions are quick and cheap. Ours are laser-sharp and competitively priced.“There is no room for error where Total Rewards is concerned. We will ensure that you get it right first time, every time”.

Alan Gibbons, The Reward Practice