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Choosing what’s right for you

Every organisation has strong views on where it is in relation to its competitors, its markets, its customers and its employees. Our family of bespoke core services including – Talent Management and Reward Consulting – quickly gets to the heart of what needs to be done to improve performance and employee engagement.

Whatever the selected approach, you will be supported at every step, including full implementation by our own consultants

Here are The Reward Solutions we can offer you:

Pay & Reward Audit

Are you getting value for money for your investment in people, their pay and benefits? A quick and inexpensive audit will provide a report on how to bring your pay practices right up to date.

Pay Restructuring

Perhaps you have been able to grow your business without formal pay structures. The time has come to bring some order and logic to how you pay your employees or you may have simply outgrown your existing structures.

Job Evaluation

Modern Job Evaluation is efficient, accurate and the bedrock of best practice in employee remuneration: we will deliver clear logical and fair pay structure for your organisation


Salesforce Pay & Effectiveness

Is your salesforce working within a Reward framework which recognises effort, delivery and achievement? Our wide range of methodologies and tools encompass every type of sales activity and the best reward strategies for every situation and employee sales category.

Market Pay Benchmarking

Do you understand the external pay market? We provide bespoke surveys and interpretation so that you can be positioned with confidence in the right market position, depending on your location, size and industry. We ensure that you balance pay competitiveness with value for your budget investment in pay.

Variable Pay, bonuses & incentives

Whether you need to create Executive Long and Short term Incentives, or need to incentivise key functions for the very first time, we will create a framework which fairly recognises each employee’s contribution and focusses both employees and teams on achieving your business objectives.

About the Reward Practice

Each of our team members has over 20 years’ experience as Senior Rewards Professionals, serving demanding international clients. Our business continues to thrive because we like to work directly and personally with our customers, rather than through a complex and expensive delivery structure: there are no junior consultants learning at your expense – what you see is who you get. Our fees are remarkably competitive.

We are based in 5 international locations – US, UK, Switzerland, Ireland and Luxembourg.

Effective Reward Strategies have many components: only one is consistently present to achieve success – a bespoke approach which results from listening to your needs, your competitive situation and your workforce challenges. Off-the-shelf solutions are quick and cheap. Ours are laser-sharp and competitively priced.“There is no room for error where Total Rewards is concerned. We will ensure that you get it right first time, every time”.

Alan Gibbons, The Reward Practice