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Salesforce Pay & Effectiveness

Salesforce Effectiveness is a key component of any reward strategy.

We bring a range of methodologies and tools which encompass every type of sales activity and strategy, as well as a great track record in getting them implemented.

From channel selection through to process design and salesforce deployment. A key component for employee rewards is, of course, the motivation of this critical workforce, achieved by creating sound pay structures and equitable but challenging sales incentives plans.

Our expertise covers:

Sales Compensation Design

Development of the most effective staff performance plan design for each sales role, taking onboard sales strategy, target pay, salary/incentive mix, upside earnings potential, quota-setting, performance measures, and pay mechanics.

Sales Compensation Performance Assessment

Evaluating the performance of your plan across all roles and incumbents, using essential sales compensation metrics including pay and performance relationships, cost of sales, the composition of pay, upside earnings and return, and distribution of performance.

Sales Compensation Program Cost Modeling

Determining compensation plan costs under various staff performance scenarios to ensure that the new plan drives performance and differentiates top performers within agreed cost of sales parameters.
Sales compensation is the connection between the sales strategy and sales performance. Designed effectively, the plan motivates performance to the plan in a cost-effective manner. Designed or implemented poorly, the sales compensation plan can pop like a circuit breaker, resulting in miscommunication, underperformance, and turnover. The sales compensation plan should be evaluated and designed according to a clear set of principles that incorporate:

Sales Roles

What are the most important factors to emphasise in the plan for each sales role? Which should be paid for versus managed to?

Pay Levels

What is the right pay level for each role? When should we match market pay and when should we take a different approach?

Salary and Incentive Relationships

What is the proper proportion of base salary to target incentive? How should this mix vary, and what job/sales process characteristics can affect that mix?

About the Reward Practice

Each of our team members has over 20 years’ experience as Senior Rewards Professionals, serving demanding international clients. Our business continues to thrive because we like to work directly and personally with our customers, rather than through a complex and expensive delivery structure: there are no junior consultants learning at your expense – what you see is who you get. Our fees are remarkably competitive.

We are based in 5 international locations – US, UK, Switzerland, Ireland and Luxembourg.

Effective Reward Strategies have many components: only one is consistently present to achieve success – a bespoke approach which results from listening to your needs, your competitive situation and your workforce challenges. Off-the-shelf solutions are quick and cheap. Ours are laser-sharp and competitively priced.“There is no room for error where Total Rewards is concerned. We will ensure that you get it right first time, every time”.

Alan Gibbons, The Reward Practice